Thursday, December 31, 2009

What a year 2009 has been! So much happening in our household.

This was a big year for births.

First, I birthed my new business on Etsy. It has been quite a successful year, and has kept me busier than I thought I'd ever be. I'm so grateful for all my customers and the wonderful people that I have met through my business.

We also had 2 new granddaughter's born this year. Miss P was born to our son and daughter-in-law in July. And Miss MJ was born in October. As both live in 2 different parts of the country, we have traveled quite a bit to spend time with these 2 new little ones and the rest of our grandchildren that now total 6! I ask it possible for me to be old enough to have 6 grandchildren!! I am glad that I'm young enough to enjoy them though.

Christmas was a special time for us this year, as we had all of our family home with us, for about a week. It just seems that all is well with the world when we are all able to be together. Mr. T's mom also came to spend Christmas with us this year, so she was able to see all of her great-grandchildren.

We actually were able to get this whole group together to have a Christmas family picture after Christmas Eve church services. It's not easy to get little ones to cooperate for a picture, but I think they did really well:)

Ever since our children were little, we always had a birthday cake for Jesus. I used to decorate it more, but this year I was lucky to get candles on it! We always put candles on for each person in our family to remind us that Jesus came to earth for the salvation of each one of us.

There is nothing better than seeing the wonder of Christmas through a child's eyes.

"And the stockings were all hung with great care."

"With hopes that Saint Nicholas soon would be there."

I definitely think that Santa Claus arrived with packages this year!

But, after everything was opened, there seemed to be more fun playing in the wrapping.

I hope all of you enjoyed your Christmas holiday with loved ones as much as we did.

And, now as the countdown to the New Year begins in our part of the country, I want to wish everyone a healthy, happy and blessed New Year 2010!

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