Sunday, October 3, 2010

Dreamy Dream On

"Chiklet was so tired. All she wanted was to fall asleep. But the bump in the bed was keeping her awake. "What to do" she thought. "I all my beautiful quilts one on top of another." Sweet dreams all night!"

This was the short story for Urban Chik's Dream On collection that was presented in Moda's Dream On fabric preview catalog at the Spring Quilt Market in Minneapolis.

I was so excited to receive this long-awaited collection this week and couldn't wait to get it listed in the shop. This collection was inspired by the look of those "dreamy" vintage sheets of the "good ole days". And, I'm already invisioning a fabulous quilt (or quilts) made out of this grouping.

Be sure and visit Fabric Bee soon, so that you can get started on your dreamy new "Dream On" project. I'll be sure to leave the light on:)
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