Friday, November 26, 2010

So sorry that I missed wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. Actually, this is how Mr. T and I celebrated our Thanksgiving Day.  

We spent most of the week before Thanksgiving in Florida visiting Mr. T's mom.   Our plane trip was uneventful until we were ready to arrive at our destination in Memphis. It was raining cats and dogs and the wind was really whippin' around.  Now, I have flown quite a bit, but I never had a ride quite like this one.  We had a little warning from the pilot when he told us that the plane ahead of us had quite a bad time, and he was going to circle around to try to miss some of the storm.  I don't think that worked!  I then started praying as I left nail marks in Mr. T's arm.  When the plane landed, there was a simultaneous applause from all the passengers.  So, this Thanksgiving, I was especially thankful to God for landing that plane!

We, then, headed home but first had our Thanksgiving dinner with our Cracker Barrel family.  We had turkey and dressing with all the fixin's and I didn't even have to wash dishes.  Mr. T and I were stuffed and ready to take a nap (you know turkey will do that to you).  Not a good thing to eat when you still have another hour to drive before arriving home.  It did give me some time to reflect on all the things I am thankful for.  Of course, I was especially thankful for the safe arrival on solid ground, so that I could continue to enjoy being with my wonderful husband of over 38 years, 2 terrific children, and 6 simply perfect grandchildren.  No, life isn't always perfect, but I am truly blessed beyond anything I can imagine.
I am also thankful for my fabric business and all the wonderful customers that I have had the privilege to serve the past couple of years.  I thank so many of you for your kind words and encouragement.

And, since I want some of you, who are wearing your Snuggies trying to keep warm, to enjoy a little warmth from our week in Florida, I thought I'd share some of our pictures.  Try thinking 80+ degree temps as you're looking at them.

It was so peaceful to walk the beach in the mornings when the tide had gone back out.

You don't see these graceful palm trees in Arkansas!

The following pictures show the Gulf tide rolling in and some of the sea life along the shore.

We walked the pier.

We also found some wildlife in the pond near my mother-in-law's house.  We tried to make friends and I wanted to get a little closer, but Alli looked a little hungry and I didn't feel like being his lunch!

Then this little guy didn't seem to mind Alli at all.  We saw him everyday sunning himself by the pond.

And, lastly, we would go back to the beach and see the most beautiful sunsets!

I hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  That you are now recovering from Black Friday, and that you have a restful weekend!

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