Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day - A Day to Remember

Mr. T and I were at Floral Haven Cemetery in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma this Memorial Day weekend. Floral Haven is known throughout Mid-America for having the largest private display of Veterans' Flags over the Memorial Day weekend.
The Avenue of Flags began in 1972, when a widow brought in her husband's government-issued flag, and asked that Floral Haven fly the flag over the Memorial Day weekend.
There are now almost 3000 Veterans' Flags that have been donated by veterans' families to be displayed on the grounds for this special event.
Memorial Day weekend begins on the Friday morning before Memorial Day, when members of the Junior ROTC assist in raising the donated flags in alphabetical order throughout the grounds of the cemetery. The Boy Scouts of America have taken on the task of lowering and folding each flag on Monday evening to conclude the Memorial Day observance. More than 1,000 scouts participate in this special program.

It just overwhelms me to think of those boys carefully taking special care of each flag and remembering and honoring each fallen soldier as they prepare to fold it and put it away!

This section is the Veterans Field of Honor.
Mr. T served in the US Army for several years. So, I have to express how grateful I am to our soldiers, their spouses and their familes that have made the ultimate sacrifice to protect our country and our freedoms!
May we always remember!

Encourage One Another,


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