Thursday, December 18, 2008

Table Setting Time

Some of you may be having a dinner party this weekend and need ideas for decorating your table. Our ladies from our church just had a Christmas dessert/coffee where tables were decorated by individual women. It was so interesting how each table was totally different. Each table had a theme that it was based on.

For a more modern touch, this was done with black, silver and gold. This one was themed "Jesus is King".

You might recognize this one as mine. I used the same decor in our home this year. My theme was "Jesus, the Ultimate Gift!".

Some of you might really like this one. Most everything on the table could be thrown away after entertaining. She used decorative paper plates and a clear, decorative wrapping paper over the tablecloth. Her theme was "Jesus, the Light of the World".

This last one was Christmas on the Farm. She used a patchwork quilt as her table topper, and Spode Christmas dishes for her place setting.

I hope you've gotten some ideas from this. Just remember, to enjoy your family and friends no matter how simple the decor. That's where the memories are made.

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Alison said...

Beautiful tables! I hosted a table for a tea at my church and wish I had come across this page before then (it was not 1/4 as creative). Thanks for sharing!

And welcome to blog land! :-) (I'm a friend of Marianne's from college.)

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