Friday, January 7, 2011

To my mom on her birthday

I've managed to hijack my mom's blog today to wish her a very Happy Birthday! Don't worry mom, I won't share how old you're turning.

While searching for a photo of my mom to share, I discovered just one I have of her by herself from this past year. And since I think she'd kill me if I shared it, I thought I'd be nice on her birthday and instead share this one of her and my sweet baby girl from this past summer.

During childhood I think one barely realizes the blessings they've been given. While I've always been thankful for my mom, it wasn't until I entered the adult world that I realized not everyone had it as good as I did.

I had a mom who wanted to be a mom. That's what she was meant to do.

I had a mom who sewed beautiful clothing for me to wear, often topped with a matching bow.

I had a mom who paid attention to what I was interested in, and encouraged me to pursue those interests.

I had a mom who stayed up half the night helping me with school projects while I was fast asleep.

I had a mom who taught what it means to have a relationship with Jesus, and how that relationship will be the most important relationship I'll ever have.

I had a mom who came in an instant when my world would seem to be crashing down.

I had a mom who taught never to settle. To pray for the man that God had for me, and wait for him.

I had a mom who I could call to talk about anything. Even if it was nothing.

I had a mom who flew across the country to be there for the birth of my children. And I am forever grateful.

I have a mom who is my best friend. I love you Mom. Happy Birthday.
Love, Marianne

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Nancy said...

Best of Happy Birthday wishes to you, Lynette !! You have an amazing daughter...and everything she said about you is true. I'm so glad to call you a FRIEND !!

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