Tuesday, April 5, 2011

It has been a busy few weeks for me, personally.

Mr. T and I flew to Arizona over a week ago to help our daughter's family pack up and move to Oklahoma. I actually was born and raised in Oklahoma and my family still live there, but never did I think any of my children would go back to my roots. I can't tell you how excited I am to know that I can just get in the car to go visit...I don't like flying!

Good-bye Arizona.
Mr. T and LJ (our son-in-law) got to drive the trucks. That dinosaur on the big truck is there for a reason. It was a dinosaur to drive! Between driving the mountains of Arizona and through the windy plains of Texas, they were both pretty white-knuckled by time we got there.
Here are the beautiful mountains. I had to shoot these pictures while we were driving.
And here was Mr. T and LJ driving up those beautiful mountains. They were much prettier to look at before we had to start maneuvering the curves and the inclines and descents!

Oh yes, I forgot to say we also had our 2 grandchildren ages 3 and 1 that were traveling in the van with MJ and myself as we followed the moving trucks for 2 very long days. They were pretty happy when we first started out on our journey.
Here they are by the second day.
They were, actually, real troopers on this trip.
We were never so glad to see this sign! I was ready to start singing the musical rendition of "Oklahoma", but nobody would let me. Hmmmm...I wonder why??

Of course, once we arrived, the unloading and unpacking had to begin, and Mr. T and I then headed back home to Arkansas. Pure exhaustion!! I think we are finally feeling our age:(

One more piece of good news that we received while on our trip:) Our son and his family are moving from Minnesota to Arkansas!! Yeah!! His company will be moving them:) I cannot tell you how long I've been praying for our children and their families to live near us. GOD is SO good!!

Till Next Time, Encourage One Another♥♥

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