Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Heather Ross Fabrics

A wide selection of Heather Ross fabrics are now in my shop. You might want to snatch up some of your favorites, as, due to a contractual agreement, Heather will not be producing any new fabric lines for awhile. See True Up and search Heather Ross for more information about this disappointing news.

For more uplifting news, Heather also has a wonderful new book out called Weekend Sewing. I love the detailed instruction she gives to her patterns and the fabulous ideas she gives for using her fabrics.

Many of the fabrics featured in Heather's book, I have in my shop. Here are a just a few samples of what I am offering:
West Hill Ponies in Green.

West Hill Riding Clothes in Camel, Grey and Beige.

Wildflowers in Tangerine - Lightning Bugs and Other Mysteries.

Frog Pond in Moss Green and Olive.

Dots in Orange, Blue and Beige.

Like I said, this is only a sampling of what I have in my shop, and all of these are being sold at a very reasonable price. So come check them out at Honey Bee Humble.

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