Sunday, March 8, 2009

March of the Tools

This is one tool that really gets my day started right. It's the 5-in-1 Power Blender that I bought at JC Penney, for a fabulously low price.

I like to begin my day right away in my store by checking on any in-coming orders and answer any convos, and I tend to forget breakfast once I get started. With my blender, I just add some fat-free yogurt, frozen sliced strawberries, a sliced banana with a little bit of raw honey, blend it in the drinking glass, and I've got myself a yummy, healthy breakfast milkshake! It comes with several drinking glasses of 2 different sizes, so you can make them for the rest of the family, also. I love making smoothies for my grandkids when they come to visit, and they think it's great! The clean-up is easy..all you have to do is put your glass and the power blade in the dishwasher.

I'll be posting some more of my favorite tools, so stay tuned!

1 comment:

azurerocket said...

That blender is so sleek and good-looking it's almost intentional decor.

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