Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The "Children" are Altogether Now

Okay. I know you must be thinking that our kids have come home. I wish. But my long-awaited back orders of my Paula Prass Flights of Fancy and the rest of my Patty Young Andalucia came yesterday. Hooray! You know how it is, if you're an empty-nester, and you have your first family picture of just you and your husband. It just doesn't seem complete. Well, until the rest of the collections came, they just didn't seem complete.

Here is a picture of my Paula Prass Flights of Fancy in Spring. Believe me, after our past week, I think I need something to remind me that Spring is coming! (See previous blog)

And here is the Andalucia collection by Patty Young in Earth and Kiwi. It has such a warm feeling. I also needed to feel that way last week!

So, now, the families are altogether. AND, I'm ready to start shipping them out!

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