Thursday, October 8, 2009

Bound for Houston

Mr. T and I are bound for Houston tomorrow to the 2009 International Quilt Market. This is my first time to go to Market, and I'm so excited to meet some of the designers and to see what new things that are going to be coming out soon. This is the George R. Brown Convention Center where the Market is held every year.

I also got a new "toy" to take to Market yesterday.

I know I really need to improve my photography skills. And, I have to admit, this camera intimidates me a little bit, but Mr. T thinks I need something more than just a point and shoot camera. This is the Canon Rebel XS 1000D. It's supposed to be a good beginning SLR camera. I honestly think they need to provide a Camera Dictionary for people like me. I read the instructions, and they think I really know what resolution, shutter speed, and aperture mean! I really hope to have some great pictures to show you when I get back from Market. But, I think I might just buy one of those disposable cameras as a back up...just in case my aperture doesn't work:)


Hazel said...

I hope you have a great time at the International Quilt Market. Very nice camera!

Marianne said...

Waiting for the pics of quilt market mom...=)

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