Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Big Reveal

I guess I pretty much marched out of blogland with the March of the Tools! Well, I do have a good reason for staying away so long. My dream has always been to have a fabric/sewing room. And, this past year, my dream finally came true. I actually found this paper weight in Target one day, and I bought it for my almost finished room.

And, NOW, (drum roll please) for the BIG REVEAL! "MOVE THAT BUS!"

This room is over our garage. It was my favorite place to go as we were building our house. I called it my treehouse. We really didn't know if we would ever really finish it off. But, after I started my Etsy shop, I definitely needed space to keep my fabrics.

I love these windows. And this is the view. I actually feel like I'm in a treehouse with the view of all the trees. I also was able to put all of my Cat's Meow houses on display that I had collected years ago.

Mr. T (my husband) built all my fabric shelves. Obviously, I don't have enough shelves!

I saw this bench in an antique shop when we lived in Texas several years ago just a little while before Christmas. I fell in love with it, but the owner wouldn't budge on the price. Well, Mr. T went back to the shop several days later and the owner must've needed money, because he was willing to deal by then. My neighbor kept it in her house, so that Mr. T could surprise me with it as a Christmas gift. I've always loved it and had to have it for my new room.

I felt that it was only fitting to show off some of Anna Griffin's Mackenzie Christmas fabrics from my shop on my favorite bench.

We are so fortunate to live only about an hour from a Pottery Barn Outlet, and we were able to pick up the sideboard and coffee table there for a great buy. I'm hoping to find a small sofa. But haven't found anything I like yet, or can afford, or one that can fit up the narrow stairway. I'll keep looking.

Here's another Pottery Barn Outlet find. I love, love, love this chair!

I wanted to keep the walls a creamy white. With the slanted ceilings, I didn't want to feel enclosed by putting a color on the walls. Also, I wanted the fabrics in the shop to be the color. I still want to put some extra touches in the room, and I need a desk. I'm using a folding table and my sewing table right now. And since I'd really like to be doing some sewing on my sewing table, I hope I find something soon.

We also put in a bathroom upstairs. I will show that in a later reveal.

In one of the closets, I even have a little dorm fridge that our daughter had in college, to keep bottled water and soft drinks. Actually, all I need is a bed and a microwave, and, of course, Mr. T, and I'm set!

So, now you know where I am spending most of my time. And, I want to thank my dear husband for all the work he put in to make my dream a reality. I also want to thank Mr. C (our son) for helping his dad put in the flooring.

I am really going to try to keep you updated on all the latest happenings in my shop, so stay tuned.


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